Church Family Game Night and Chili Cook-Off

Come fellowship with other families. Get fed by the word and great food.

Bible Family Feud and other family games and prizes.    

Bring your best pot of Chili or an accompaniment.  

Salad, Cornbread, Rice, Cheese, sour cream ......etc


Please sign-up at the info booth 


Looking forward to your best chili recipe. Invite other family members, saved or not, to join you as part of your team.

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Hid Kids

Children's Ministry

Our children have begun our exciting new curriculum from Answers in Genesis. The Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is a three-year Sunday school program that covers the entire Bible in chronological order. It has been designed and written to provide answers to the issues that confront today’s culture through the media, school, friends, etc. ABC provides a thorough understanding of the authority and primary teachings of Scripture. Children from grades 1 through 6 will be equipped to defend the Bible, and become conformed to the image of Christ, as they apply God’s Word in their everyday lives.





  • SUNDAY, 3rd– Review                                                   
  • THURSDAY, 7th– Kings of Israel and Judah (PT.1)  
  • SUNDAY, 10th– Kings of Israel and Judah (PT.1      
  • THURSDAY, 14th– Kings of Israel and Judah (PT.2)
  • SUNDAY, 17th– Kings of Israel and Judah (PT.2)     
  • THURSDAY, 21st– God Warns Israel (PT.1)                  
  • SUNDAY,24th- God Warns Israel (PT.1)                      
  • THURSDAY, 28th– God Warns Israel (PT.2)